Personalized Farmhouse Decor


Another new listing! I'm hoping this vase can be visualized on a farmhouse gallery wall. 

I have such a hard time making a gallery wall. I've been taught to center and make everything straight across. The best gallery walls I have seen don't do that. It looks like they start with one thing, add another thing, and just throw the rest up there....and it looks great for them.

Farmhouse gallery wall My Pinterest board is filled with photos of gallery walls. This is one of my favorites. I like that it has photos and probably some of their favorite things. I don't like 2 Hs .... one is plenty. I like that they matted their photos all in the same color.






I really like this one too. Baskets are one of my favorite things to decorate with, especially like they used here...with little finds inside. 

Farmhouse gallery wallThat greenery wreath makes all of it so much better. Not crazy about the shelf but I can't deny, they did a great job on this gallery wall!






Succulents PersonalizedSo here's my cute little succulent vase on my gallery wall. I know immediately you're going to want to know where I got my goodies. The family frame with the wreath is from Rioak Western Design. I picked up the metal faith, hope, love at a craft fair somewhere. I have a photo of my children on the beach with a small sign that says 'There are no small miracles' and an ornate mirror below that. 

It all fits together pretty good, since it took me a year to get up on the wall. 


Do you have a gallery wall? I'm still working on one. My wall has been empty for several years after I had it painted and just never found the right thing I wanted to put on it. It's a work in process.

I've been working on several new products for my online shop and will have to get them photographed. 

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