Who is New Way Signs?

Welcome! I'm Shari Borrowman from New Way Signs. My shop name may be a little deceiving because I don't actually sell signs online. Locally, I make metal signs for businesses and such, and letter trucks, make banners and magnets, etc. But in this online shop, you will see what I love. This is where I can express my creative side, the one that came about as a child.

I grew up in a rural area on a farm, pretty much in the sticks (as you city folk say). We were seven miles from my hometown of 1000 which is where the local grocery and my alma mater are. The highlight of my childhood was the annual county fair in our town. I anticipated that week-long event all year! We showed cattle so I was always back in the cattle barn. But where I really loved to be were the exhibit buildings. That is where the ladies would display their pies and cakes, and also my favorite - crafts! I would examine all the different pieces and try to figure out how all of them were made. I really had no one to show me. You see, my mother worked very hard on the farm. She didn't like being inside and though she sewed some, she knew nothing of crafting. When I was about 12, I taught myself to crochet from a book. I would say that's where the whole thing started.

 This is my sister and I (I'm on the right) at a local fair. This was probably before the crafting bug hit me, although, I do remember a new year's eve when my sister went to a friend's house and I was stuck at home with Mom. When she asked me what I wanted to do for a special night, I said I wanted to make something. This was probably one of the first times she threw up her hands at me!

My sister taught me the basics of sewing and I picked up the rest from taking a class in high school. I made a lot of my clothes, all my homecoming and prom dresses. I have sewn most of my life on various things and it has been very beneficial for me to have picked up that craft.

My husband and I have two wonderful boys that are well on their own now. I was a stay at home mom and enjoyed every minute. Throughout their school years, I was very active in their school life, promoting their activities and being a classroom mom. When the first went to college, I realized I would need something to fill my time. I had started working part time at an implement dealer in my little town but knew I wanted to do more. My nephew owned a sign shop in a local town for six years. At the time, I couldn't understand what kept him so busy or how he could make a living making 'stickers'. In 2008, he decided to sell and I jumped at the chance. It was called Nu Way Signs. First thing I did was correct the Nu, being the language buff I am.

Locally, New Way Signs keeps me very busy. I have a lot of the local business logos so I cut door decals and magnets for them. I do a lot of banners for the Little League ball parks and county fairs. When the county festivals roll around, I make magnets for the queens to put on their cars. I usually have a waiting time of about two weeks so you can see, I do keep busy.

I also have a booth in antique mall that is a lot of fun for me. My best seller has been using vintage windows and adding sayings. It's been a lot of work, especially at Christmas time when I flip the whole thing over to trees, ornaments, lights, and sentimental sayings about Christmas.

I don't even remember when I first started selling online. I might have tried with a few basic things but the seller was my Christmas ornaments. It was suggested by a friend that I make them for my booth and I've been selling them ever since.



As I've grown older, I realize now that I am a sentimental. I love touching gifts and love doing personalization. I want my shop to be heartwarming where when you enter you will find the items that touch you and remind you of sweet memories. I have so many ideas, so stay tuned!




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